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We Wrote the Musical
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 new musical theatre work, revised version since the 2011 premiere

 STAGE and REHEARSAL resources

Vocal part and ensemble audio recordings for individual practice.

Recommended groupings for Independence Hall seating – 7 of these delegates have been deleted from the script since this PDF – includes historical note concerning appropriate application of period costuming styles and wigs

photo by Kevin McGuire

photo by Kevin McGuire

In the 10 years following the American Revolution of 1776, there was nearly a century of revolution in fashion styles. Most younger delegates and those in the North – and particularly Benjamin Franklin – by 1787, went for the look of the “common man”: no wigs, no brass buttons, no garish silks and lace. Old-timers and many from the South kept the older 18th century look.

Suggested Properties List (PDF)

Historical context and biographical background via

Choreography notes with metric structures (PDF)

Interactive image of Christy’s referenced painting Scene at the Signing of the Constitution of the United States on site

Christy painting image resource, on Wikipedia

1787 tableau of Signing, from premiere production

1787 tableau of Signing, from premiere production

1-page bio for Lawrence; 1-page bio for Picklesimer1/2-page Bios for Lawrence & Picklesimer (PDFs open in a new tab)

High resolution logo files, plus other selected image files, for marketing purposes (direct URL with logon provided to performing organizations)

SUGGESTED PROMOTIONS – band accompaniment for solo singer with and without men’s chorus or SATB chorus; subject-specific activities to enhance routine marketing and audience development (several prepared)

NEW WORK SUBMISSION PDFs web page includes additional links to

  • 1787 Brief Description (PDF)
  • 1787 Development History (PDF)
  • Brief Bios for Lawrence & Picklesimer (PDF)
  • 1787 Script Sample pp 30-39 (PDF)
  • 1787 Characters List and Casting Notes (PDFs)
  • 1787 Scenes List for the playbill, includes 2-paragraph synopsis (PDF)
  • 1787 Short Synopsis (1-page PDF)
  • 1787 Detailed Synopsis (PDF)
  • 1787 Set Requirements (PDF)
  • Songs Singers/Dancers charts & descriptions (PDF)

See also SONG CLIPSVIDEOSCASTING (with vocal ranges chart), PRESS KIT, and PHOTOS web pages


PRODUCTION ARCHIVES page in progress (including PDF for selected pages from playbill for 2011 premiere production, letters from Lawrence, Picklesimer, and director Leonard Rumery, “About the Script,” and more)

Additional EDUCATION RESOURCES (optional school-related component in development) include a script for a 50-minute, small cast, teaser performance suitable for youth and adults, age-appropriate teacher’s guides, and enrichment materials for cross-curriculum study. 1787 the Musical