We Wrote the Constitution
– not “a bunch of old dead guys” –

 new musical theatre work, revised version since the 2011 premiere

Please CONTACT us, with your organization name and preferred performance dates, to request LICENSED MATERIALS and contract (see below).  Licensing: negotiable. Click here for access to perusal materials.

Yankee Doodle was popular in 1787

Yankee Doodle was popular in 1787

Licensing requirements, briefly:

  • Licensing is the only fee: digital delivery of materials, no rental, no purchase, no added copyright fee, etc.
  • a 45-mile radius bubble is secured, barring other production performances of 1787 for a period beginning a week prior and continuing until a week after
  • use orchestra as designed or negotiated otherwise
  • logo, title as published, authors’ by line, and updated scenes list (script appendix 4) must appear in printed program
  • title 1787 the Musical included in all promotions and marketing, regardless of media format; title and logo must appear prominently in all visual media promotional materials
  • authorship “by” line by Lucinda Lawrence and Robert Picklesimer included in all promotions and marketing except as otherwise negotiated
  • every attempt should be made to adhere to the script and lyrics because they often represent the actual words of the Founding Fathers; there is usual and customary allowance for some octave displacement of a soloist’s sung music phrases, for instance, to make a superior audience experience
  • no webcasts, live broadcasts nor re-broadcasts without written permission except for pre-performance promotions
  • no refund nor added fee if scheduled performance is cancelled for any reason, but re-scheduling is an option depending upon other productions under contract
  • no audio or video recordings allowed except for rehearsal process/use, promotions, cast and staff portfolio use, or by written permission of the authors
  • copyright compliance for scripts, scores, rehearsal recordings, and promotional recordings, including timely follow-up collection and destruction of all hard copies; no saved files, copies, nor recordings of these in any format, analog nor digital, except as noted above for portfolio use of production cast and staff only

MATERIALS LIST Licensing is the only fee. Many publishers and rental agents for music of large instrumental ensembles (orchestras, wind bands) are now using online distributions, and that same business model is used here. Delivery of licensed performance materials is made online, digitally, each page having license information of the organization and performances date range. The licensed organization is responsible for printing from PDFs. Each licensed production has a unique set of printable materials with password-protected access.

A time-sensitive contract will be offered for the requested production dates if there is no other 1787 production, under contract or pending, conflicting for the geographic region (45-mile radius) and time (from 1 week before to 1 week after). Receipt of the signed contract with payment in full will secure the license and materials for the period and venue. Processing and delivery may take up to two weeks. Delivery is anticipated no earlier than 10 weeks prior to the first scheduled performance. Here is a SAMPLE LICENSE AGREEMENT, with edits indicated, as adapted from a form of the American Association of Community Theatre 5/11/2014.