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We Wrote the Constitution
– not “a bunch of old dead guys” –

 new musical theatre work, revised version since the 2011 premiere

By clicking links to Perusal PDFs, some having watermarks and similar markings, you accept these PERUSAL TERMS OF AGREEMENT: These perusal materials of 1787 the Musical audio recordings, video recordings, script documents, and printed music documents in any format are under copyright protection. All such electronic files and analog (hard copy) printings and recordings receive the same protection afforded other materials under copyright protection and may be shared.

I accept. (click any of these links)

perusal script v2019Feb3 (upon request)
v2017Jun4 vocal selections

perusal score Act I 
         perusal score Act II
all these files require renumbered pages and edits reflecting recently eliminated roles


9/30/2015 NOTE: recordings online and in demo CDs are raw, “live” from the 2011 production; one or two are edited for structural cuts and several do not match exactly many minor edits which appear in these perusal files.

Other relevant materials are available via other web site tabs.