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We Wrote the Constitution
– not “a bunch of old dead guys” –

 new musical theatre work, revised version since the 2011 premiere

photo by Kevin McGuire

photo by Kevin McGuire

IMPORTANT NOTICE to Mobile Users: PLEASE USE the secondary MENU located at the right side or bottom of your browser, i.e. NOT the header menu, in your mobile version.

Early in the life of this web site, some users of ipad and Windows phone devices have experienced partial visibility of sub-menu lists (ipad) and failed links (Windows phone) when attempting access of/from the header main menu.

Clearing the ipad cache resolves the ipad issue, but sometimes only very temporarily. For the Windows phone, accessing the sub-menu header items from the secondary menu once each – putting those addresses into the cache – makes those sub-menu links function later from the header menu.

Here is a recommended source for how to clear the ipad cache:

Your patience is appreciated, as is the work of the IT crew working to improve the mobile versions.1787 the Musical