Rehearsal Recordings


We Wrote the Musical
– not “a bunch of old dead guys” –

 new musical theatre work, revised version since the 2011 premiere

 STAGE and REHEARSAL resources for 2017 PRODUCTION

Note: the current version of the script and score has eliminated several delegates, edited some lyrics and dialog, and truncated some of the songs with changed keys and structure. Collected changes for 2017 script and scores added HERE. Current production vocal part assignments are at the bottom of this page. Let LL know if any of this is incorrect.

Ensemble and parts reference audio recordings for individual practice are being added here with links as they become available: some from the 2011 video recording include some errors and do not reflect changes in the 2017 version, so please use the lyrics and notated music you have in printed music, as we have rehearsed. Some recordings are from keyboard playback without time allowance of notated fermata, ritardando, rubato, accelerando, caesura, etc. RELOAD/REFRESH this page often.
* Denotes minor edits for 2017.   ** Denotes structural or other significant edits for 2017.

#2 Shays Rebellion (from 2011) mostly unison;
#2 refrain for each part (keyboard), starting  at pickup to m.43 – So now we take up sticks and forks, and here we fight today. (Same as parts at pickup to m.63 – What means the most in life is back at home for us to save – different key.)
#2  refrainTen1/Sop     #2 refrain Ten2/Alto    #2 refrain Bar    #2 refrain Bass
Only two refrains involve part-singing: all else is unison/octaves. Those two refrains are in different keys but have the same SATTBB pitch relationships.  Sop and Alto parts sound an octave above Ten1 and Ten2 respectively.

#5 We Met Last Summer (from 2011);
#5 (keyboard) ‘HAM’ staff;    #5 (keyboard) ‘DKNSN’ staff;   #5 (keyboard) ‘MAD’ staff;
#5 (keyboard) ‘RAND’ staff;   #5 (keyboard) ‘MASON’ staff

#7 Books (from 2011** – lyrics and sentiment for Hamiltons since changed and D Payne vocal part since added.)
keyboard recording   #7D PAYNE (D MADISON), but it includes J MADISON parts, too
keyboard recording   #7 all parts together

#9 The Soldiers Came to Congress with accompaniment keyboard recording;
#9 The Soldiers Came to Congress without accompaniment keyboard recording of vocal part alone (with silent bits of what would be accompaniment: be patient)

#10 Younger Lions and Older Patriots (from 2011** – audio cut to match current structure; lyrics and underscored dialog have been changed). Note: YL tune and OP tune at mm. 144-151 counterpoint, each is the same as when each is alone.

#11 A Politician (from 2011* – changes of named characters, lyrics, sentiment, spoken line)

#13 We the People, We the States (from 2011) for vocal timing with underscore

#18 Grumbletonians (from 2011)

#21 America the Miracle (from 2011* – now sung by Franklin)

#24 We’ll Lose ItDELETED transition – brief keyboard recordings by staff line (few measures of set change)
#24 Grp1&2 staff w/Accomp;   #24 Grp3&4 staff w/Accomp;   #24 Grp5 staff w/Accomp
NOTE: listen for the choir sound for entrance. You will also hear a short note for the start of the “sss” sound. Please make much of each ‘z’ and ‘s’ sound in the lyrics.

#27 Who Are We?/Someday (from 2011** – most changed is D Madison solo);
#27 5 refrains ALL (from 2011) – refrains only in sequence, plus soloists’ ends and beginnings surrounding each refrain
#27  5 refrains for each part (keyboard)  #27 Sop;   #27 Alto;    #27  T1;   #27 T2
#27 Bar;    #27 Bass

#29 Mister Roger Sherman (from 2011* – lyrics changed, some line assignments changed); keyboard recordings starting at top of p.120
#29 T1;    #29 T2;    #29 Bar;    #29 Bass

#31 He’s Gone (from 2011** – lyrics changed, entire section of audio cut here to match current structure); keyboard recordings   #31 He’s Gone both parts w/accomp
#31 He’s Gone top staff w/accomp;   #31 He’s Gone top staff alone;
#31 He’s Gone second staff w/accomp;   #31 He’s Gone second staff alone

#33 Peculiar Institution with accompaniment – keyboard recording (without any rhythmic freedom, though that is preferred);
#33 Peculiar Institution voice alone without accompaniment – keyboard recording of vocal part alone (with silent bits of what would be accompaniment: be patient especially for about 10 seconds of silent ‘introduction’)

#34 Three-Fifths of a Man (from 2011* – upper octave is optional, of course)

#36 Have I Missed Anything? (from 2011* – some line assignments changed)

#40 What Shall Our Presidency Be? mm 1-116 (from 2011* – some line assignments changed; underscore transition thereafter is different now for music)
#40 What Shall Our Presidency Be? 2017 ending from m112 (keyboard recording)

#41 We Will Be a Country (from 2011** – part-singing begins earlier than as here)
#41 We Will Be a Country (all) – keyboard recording
#41 We Will Be a Country top staff (all tenors) – keyboard recording
#41 We Will Be a Country 2nd staff (all baritones & basses) – keyboard recording

#42 In Committee (from 2011* – Committee members and some line assignments changed)

#44 I Have Failed (from 2011)
#44 I Have Failed 2017 keyboard recording – use these rhythms

#46 The Soldiers Have Come to Congress (from 2011*) for dialog timing with underscore

#47 Do We Have a Country – keyboard recording

#49 Ratification 2017 – keyboard recording for shared patter song
Approximate run times with corresponding sung and selected spoken lines follow.
0:00-0:11 (silence where it would have been field drum transition – cut for 2017 only)
0:11 instrumental lead-in to BEDFORD (0:16 Delaware by vote …)
0:21 G MORRIS (Then Pennsylvania’s …)
0:24 FRANKLIN (okay to overlap MORRIS earlier) (of enough to muster …)
0:26 G MORRIS (But after that …)
0:29 SHERMAN (No!), then FRANKLIN (An older soldier …)
0:31 G MORRIS (taking ev’ry blow …)
0:32 WASHINGTON (By now with …)
0:33 [Others mime “two”]
0:34 PATERSON overlapping SHERMAN’S last 2 words (New Jersey soon …)
0:37 instrumental interlude [Others mime “three”]
0:40 BALDWIN (Upon the new year …) with  [Others mime “four”] before he finishes
0:44 WASHINGTON (Georgia had to see!)
0:45 SHERMAN (And in Connecticut I kept …)  [Others mime “five”] accordingly
0:51 ALL regular speed (The Founding Fathers …)
1:01 MADISON patter song (Five states have …),  [Others start to mime “six”]
1:06 LANGDON interrupts with spoken line, then sing 1:09 (Not in New Hampshire…)
1:13 GORHAM (And three hundred …)
1:16 KING (Gorham was against,)
1:17 GORHAM (But not elected …)
1:19 SHERMAN overlapping Gorham’s last syllable (After our Shays …)
1:25 – 1:40 underscore for spoken lines and mime “six”
1:40 ALL regular speed (Now politicians of …)
1:45 MARTIN patter song (Now Maryland has …)  [Others mime “seven”] accordingly
2:02 RUTLEDGE sung (South Carolina …) + spoken line underscored – then sung
2:09 MADISON (State EIGHT!)   [Others mime “eight”] accordingly, then begin to show “nine”  with BLOUNT
2:10 BLOUNT (North Carolina …)
underscore of dialog continues with silence at 3:52 following And Yates?
4:05 underscore resumes for HAMILTON’S spoken line (By three votes … FOR.)
4:10 ALL regular speed  (The Freedom ships …)
4:20 underscore of dialog continues through transition to finale.

#50 Americans Are We (from 2011)    Follow staves for role/ voice part groupings through m. 70, then at m. 71 use staves by voice parts (p. 233; homophony with part-singing begins m. 71).  keyboard recordings per staff and segment – these have some oddly clipped notes which should be sustained through the written rhythmic values: ‘not sure why this happens in export from the written file.

#50 Sop/Alto staff mm 35-125;
#50 Grp1 Ten staff mm1-16 Hamilton + mm17-70 MadGrp  (+71-74);
#50 Grp1 BarBs staff mm1-16 Madison/Washington + mm17-70 MADGrp (+71-74);
#50 Grp2 Ten staff mm28-70 LANGrp;
#50 Grp2 BarBs staff  LANGrp mm 28-70 – one bass remaining in this group mm 63-70;
#50 Grp1 Ten staff mm55-70 PINCKGrp;
#50 Grp1 BarBs staff mm55-70 PINCKGrp (+71-74);
#50 Grp3 Ten staff mm55-70 FRANKGrp;
#50 Grp1 Ten staff mm 71-125 (all Ten1 singers);
#50 Grp2 Ten staff mm 71-125 (all Ten2 singers);
#50 Grp3 BarBs staff mm 55-125 (Bar singers of this grp through to m125);
#50 Grp3 BarBs staff mm 55-63 (Bass singers of this grp);
#50 YD Bass staff mm 63-125 JACKSON-WASHINGTONGrpall except one bass here for mm63-70, then all basses mm71-125

Current production vocal part assignments, with some exceptions – see the handout grid of staff lines for each person, there being some individuals moved from one vocal part to another.
Sop: E Hamilton, Teri, M#?/Katie (Hazel?)
Alto: D Madison, Pitcher, M#?/Penelope (Bailey?)
Ten1: A Hamilton, M#6/Gorham, M#3/Lansing (baritone for some)
Ten2: Franklin, G Morris, Shays/Langdon, Paterson, Mason (mostly tenor 2), M#2/King, Parmenter/Blount
Bar: J Madison, Good, M#1/Martin, M#3/Lansing (tenor 1 for some), M#4/Yates, M#7/Baldwin, M#10 Doug
Bass: Washington, Sherman, M#?/Rutledge, M#5/Bedford, Jackson, Wilson
All singing the tune: Sec Jackson, M#? Amaya, Robert