Companion piece Chapter 1, Part 3

RP headshot betterfrom Robert Picklesimer: (continuing from Part 2) …But then there was Lucinda’s administrative side.

She had worked with other musicals of local theatre groups and schools and had written original music for the University of Illinois Department of Dance, so the first thing she did was to start formatting the play to recognizable standards, then to start allocating time – budgeting time – for the various songs and dialogue scenes.

But her largest early administrative contribution was to have us present our project to Eduardo Diaz-Muñoz, Chair of the Division of Opera at the University School of Music. The Division of Opera was just starting to expand their musical theatre offerings. They do a workshop production every year on one of the University of Illinois’ premiere stages, and this was just the sort of thing they were looking for.  So, …

(more about development of the musical)

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