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We Wrote the Musical
– not “a bunch of old dead guys” –

 new musical theatre work, revised version since the 2011 premiere

 STAGE and REHEARSAL resources for 2017 PRODUCTION

Note: with the elimination of several more delegates, the following changes are being made to the distributed script (8/18/2017) and scores for the version currently in production. These are tagged with the date of entry, but organized by scene order. A red font date supersedes a prior entry, if any. Current rehearsal plan is at the bottom of this page, as well.

8/28/2017 SCRIPT 1-2b and SCORE #5 We Met Last Summer – to be sung by A Hamilton, J Madison, Mason, Rutledge, Gorham, and adding Yates for this production only.  Adjust Madison’s introduction line … but only 5 states met, with men such as your old friend George Mason of Virginia and John Rutledge of South Carolina, Robert Yates of New York, Nathaniel Gorham from Massachusetts, Colonel Hamilton from New York, and I, James Madison.

8/20/2017 SCORE #9 The Soldiers Came to Congress – m.32 change this measure to 5/4 with quarter note = quarter note. Solo gets a quarter rest inserted for bt. 3 and accompaniment gets half-note rest for bts. 4-5. Then give a fermata for bt. 3, followed by caesura for WASHINGTON (spoken line) Gentlemen … you must pardon me. I have gone gray in your service, and now find myself going blind. Then re-start music in that measure at the new bt. 4, solo is a capella for bts 4-5. Resume cut time in m.33.

8/28/2017 SCORE #10 Younger Lions and Older Patriots
~ m.10 and m.18 KING replaces RANDOLPH.
~ m.16 Hamilton’s sung line replaces ‘Mister Pinckney’ with ‘Mister Lansing’.
~ m.23 HAMILTON replaces RANDOLPH.
~ m.31 Replace WYTHE and DICKINSON with GORHAM and RUTLEDGE.
~ m.38 Replace WYTHE with WILSON.
~ m.39 Replace DICKINSON with GORHAM.
~ m.44 Replace WYTHE with GORHAM.
~ m.45 Replace DICKINSON with BEDFORD.
~ m.56 Replace FRANKLIN’S line with And Mister Robert Yates, joining John Lansing and Colonel Hamilton from New York. Then it is Yates who exchanges nods with Washington in m.58.
~ m.59 Replace PINCKNEY with FRANKLIN: And the eminent John Rutledge of South Carolina.
~ m.63 Replace FRANKLIN with RUTLEDGE: This Southern Gentleman thanks you.
~ m.73  Delete ‘Mister Wythe’ from 
SHERMAN’s line.
~ m.82 Replace line of SHERMAN: And I also signed the present Articles of Confederation.
~ m.86 Replace WYTHE and DICKINSON with GORHAM and YATES.
~ m.93 Replace DICKINSON with MASON.
~ m.97 Replace PINCKNEY and RANDOLPH with KING and LANSING.
~ m.103 Replace PINCKNEY with MADISON.
~ m.112 GORHAM: delete ‘Wythe’; replace ‘Dickinson’ with ‘Yates’.
~ m.121 Replace PINCKNEY with HAMILTON: To say nothing of the young James Madison of Virginia.
~ m.123 FRANKLIN’S line: replace ‘now’ with ‘here’.
~ m.165 Replace PINCKNEY with MORRIS.
~ m.166 Replace RANDOLPH with LANSING.

8/25/2017 #11 A Politician – Replacement lyrics are hand-written into the SCORE for MASON
~ m. 26 spoken line is MADISON: Then, Mister Mason, I must present my own Resolutions.
~ m.28-38 MADISON sings along with MASON. Hand-written harmony is written into mm.36-38.
~ m.39 Change instruction to Instrumental TAG for all FOUR to exit, ….

8/25/2017 SCORE #13 We the People, We the States
~ m. more to come

8/28/2017 SCRIPT #36 Have I Missed Anything?
~ p. 80 bottom of the page, replace PINCKNEY with MARTIN These are private meetings…
~ p. 82, replace RANDOLPH with G MORRIS (remaining there from his previous line) We’ve just discussed a census; next line replace GORHAM with MASON New York did already leave.
~ p. 83 top of page, replace MASON with RUTLEDGE Only as three-fifths of a man. Then, about 2/3 down that page, replace GORHAM with KING Nothing short of revolution … ; bottom of the page, replace RANDOLPH with FRANKLINSo, have you missed anything?
8/28/2017 SCORE #36 Have I Missed Anything? (these edits to match the current script, including the changes above)
~ TOP OF SCENE music cue SCORE p. 142 – replace PINCKNEY with MARTIN These are private meetings…
~ m.21 replace DICKINSON with BEDFORD
~ mm.25-26 replace RANDOLPH with G MORRIS, replace GERRY with MASON
~ m.30 replace MASON with RUTLEDGE
~ m.32 replace PINCKNEY with RUTLEDGE
~ m.34 replace RANDOLPH with GORHAM
~ m.40 replace GERRY with KING
~ m.44 replace RANDOLPH with FRANKLIN

8/17/2017 SCORE #40 What Shall Our Presidency Be?
~ mm. 81-82 MARTIN: He should not be eligible a second time.


Rehearsal plan:
more to come