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CONTACT: Lucinda Lawrence – mobile 217-722-4432 
email: LL.musicmom@gmail.com

Region III Representative (MI, OH, IN, IL, WI) for American Association of Community Theatre for a 2-year term (2015-2017), and Board of Directors Member at Large (2018-2021); Co-Founder of Community Theatre Illinois; volunteer with several community theatres in east central Illinois.

Lawrence contributed to acting monologues workshops, songs being one type of monologue, for the Illinois Theatre Association Festival High School Division (2015, 2016) and presented a different workshop for the American Association of Community Theatre national festival, AACTFest 2015, in Grand Rapids, MI, “Write a Musical?!”, as well as at other theatre festivals.

“Under, Not Under, and Around Music Rights in Community Theatre” –
Resource Guide –
liberating the theatre community
You already know this is not simple. It’ s also not brief, but YOU
can understand the tangled ‘bundle of rights’ and use your understanding effectively with this guide to copyright, moral rights, public domain, which permissions and licenses apply, and where to find and acquire them.
Link to view as Google Slides (exiting this web site) or open PDF version Under Not Under Around Music Rights PDFShare this with other theatre folk!

Other Musical Theatre works in progress – 

A Light for the Little Match Girl (working title, with writer Robert Picklesimer)
Rolling together Hans Christian Andersen’s classic tale with several stories of the holiday season, the story involves a bum who thinks he is Santa Claus and tries to save the Little Match Girl.
TYA, 80 minutes,

Within This Old House (original story, musical in progress) As eminent domain law prompts the conflict, “…Hillary searches desperately for a way to save her grand old family home, but many think the Upscale Development would be great for their city. Friends, relatives, and family members ‘past’ point to buried secrets, and she and her childhood friend Davis discover a good deal more than relevant clues about the property.” PG-rated mystery rolled into a romantic comedy; 2-acts, 11 m, 7 f, 3 either gender, optional extras, doubling options.

Other Music by Lawrence “Piece for Tuba and Piano” is available in Perantoni’s collection Tuba Master Solos Intermediate Level, published by Hal Leonard. Other cabaret songs and instrumental music coming! 

Music Performance Collections Library (MPCL) REFERENCE RESOURCE (for Wind Band Library) – free reference tool in google doc format for main document, plus 30 attachments – originally was a resource of the University of Illinois Bands, and restoration was subsequently prompted by former students and colleagues. It is based upon Lawrence’s work with the incomparable and historic Wind Band Performance Collections of the University of Illinois. Includes COMPOSER BIRTH-DEATH DATES file for about 1300 (mostly classical) composers has been reconstructed, updated to 2015 (A-L) and 2011 (M-Z).

Don’t waste money paying someone else to do it:
Acquiring Copyright PERMISSION to ARRANGE. (PDF)

Especially for those improving their lot in life:

Clearing out my Wind &  Percussion instruments – link to details here
(only a double horn remains available: contact Lucinda)

First published while still an undergraduate student – a solo, commissioned for a Hal Leonard collection of solos for tuba, still widely used more than 40 years later – Lucinda Lawrence was then a student worker in the University of Illinois Music Library and accompanist in the Dance Department. She has been seen as soloist on stages of Carnegie Hall and Chicago Orchestra Hall (now Symphony Center), among others. Initially composing in collaboration with choreographers, she taught in the Departments of Dance at the Universities of Illinois and Michigan, among others, appeared as guest artist around the country, then provided some “glorified go-fer” work in the U of IL School of Music, and eventually served there as Band Librarian 1995-2012. In retirement, she pursues additional composing and play writing, especially for her musical theatre works, and is learning the ropes of marketing those. She and her husband, Bob Hart, have two adult children not living at home, and all the pets have moved on, as well.

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