fwdtheatre application page

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  • 100 word synopsissubmitted in online form & Dropbox
  • Cast breakdownsubmitted in online form & Dropbox, details on pp. i & ii of script excerpt
  • Short writer/s bio/ssubmitted in online form & Dropbox
  • First 30 pages of libretto (must start on page 1 and include title and credits page) – 1787 Script DirectorV v2015Mar20 through p30 fwdtheatre
  • 6 mp3 demos: must include the show’s first 2 songs – all are raw audio from archival DVD, which is mixed to favor vocals but misses much of the lovely harmonies and elegant orchestrations. These are numbered as in the piano-vocal scores.
    02 Shays Rebellion and Battle – Shays, Parmenter, Marchers 1-7, partial Company, marching (3:42)
    03 Shays Rebellion Aftermath (instrumental transition) Water from the Well – Pitcher’s lament (4:04)
    21 America the Miracle – Pinckney with delegates (solo and men’s chorus), anthem (3:48)
    27 Who Are We?/Someday – Hamiltons, Madisons, Washington, Company rock ’n’ roll (5:12)
    38 In Philadelphia/They Need Me – first part of song A & E Hamilton,  romantic, and second part of song A Hamilton, con bravura (5:18)
    50 Americans Are We Finale (5:46) needs hotter audio from each group marching downstage (contrapuntal new tune entries) – Company, grandioso
  • Any songs not in the first 30 script pages should include a description, placement in the show, and function – VOCAL SELECTIONS with functions
  • Development history plus attached parties (director, actors, producer/s, current contracts) if applicable – 1787 Development History narrative (PDF),
    1787 Development History 2009 workshop programme (PDF, selected pages), University of Illinois Opera Studio semi-staged half-concert. Initially titled 1787 We the People, but that seemed jingoistic when the non-partisan perspective is not.
    1787 Development History 2011 premiere (PDF, selected pages), produced by The Creative Dramatics Workshop (community theatre). Re-titled since then to 1787 the Musical to avoid misplaced association, and numerous minor changes have been made since that production.